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Graphene beauty and health products

  • Graphene heating eye mask

    Graphene heating eye mask

    This is a graphene heating eye mask. This product is mainly to relieve eye fatigue and promote blood circulation. The heating uses graphene materials. When the graphene materials are heated, they can release far-infrared waves, which can promote human blood. Circulation, relieve eye fatigue. This product uses graphene coating heaters, which are the core heating accessories, produced by our company, and our company has a new graphene material research and development team that has changed busi...
  • Graphene heating scarf

    Graphene heating scarf

    This is a heating scarf. Its Heating accessories is graphene sheets made by sheerfond. The graphene sheets are built into the scarf. The buttons are connected with the graphene sheets. The buttons are sealed with silica gel. The heating function can be turned on and off by the buttons, and the heating temperature can also be adjusted. It has a small pocket, put the power bank in it, can power the graphene sheet. In cold weather, it can provide us with heat, a great innovative product, very pr...