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Magnetic Mouse Pad Fast Wireless Charger Mouse Pad With Pen Holder

Short Description:

Product name Magnetic mouse pad Feature  1 Pen holder
Material 1 PU Leather Feature  2 Bluetooth
Type Fast Wireless Charging Stand Feature  3 Magnetic
Style Desk Pad Mat Useage   Desktop

Product Detail


On your tidy desktop, a beautiful mouse pad, at the same time it is a pen holder and a mobile phone holder, is there any magic feeling? Yes, its storage part and mouse pad part can be separated at will, and it can also be used Organize your paper and bills. Forgot to tell you the more important function, it is a mobile phone wireless charger, as long as you put the phone on it can be charged at any time, then let me introduce this new thing in detail:

Bluetooth charging  Multi-Functional Mouse Pad

1. It is a leather mouse pad, this product uses environmentally friendly materials, and particularly wear-resistant PU material, it feels good, and the mouse can slide freely on top.

2. It is a wireless charging, fast charging, 15W/10W/7.5W/5W, all can be used, when you are working, put the phone on the desktop, it will start to charge your phone, and it can also charge you WTS wireless bluetooth headset charging.

3. It is a desktop storage, pens, USB flash drives, card pins, and erasers can all be put in to make your desktop tidy.

4. It is a file sorting, you can sort notes, bills, and paper.

5. Its storage part and mouse pad part can be disassembled at will, these two parts are combined by magnets.

6. It is a mobile phone holder, when you watch the video, you can release your hand,

It is also a patented product that protects the fruits of our labor.

This beautiful product is designed by our designers carefully, and it is also hand-processed by our company employees. It is a handicraft, such a good product, don’t you want to take a sample to experience it, if it surprises you, don’t forget it Recommend to your friends.


Product parameter: 

Model No. SD002
Output 10W/7.5W/5W
Input 9V/21.5A/5V 2A
Mobile phone holder yes
Storage items Pen,mobile phone,earphone,SD Card,Cell phone pins,Eraser
Printing Techniques for Graphics Gravure printing, Letterpress printing, UV printing
Usage Scenarios Promotional Activities, Training and Team Building, Welcome Gifts, Back to School / Graduation, New Business Giveaways, Tradeshow Giveaways, “Thank You” Gifts, Other Activities
Material PU
Brand Sheerfond
Logo Printing: CuCustom
Design CuCustom
Colour Custom
product size 265mm*250mm*25mm
 product weight  260g
packing size 270mm*255mm*28mm
cartoon box size 53cm*44cm*29cm
number/per box 30pcs
weight/per box 12kg

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