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Breathable Fast Sports Washable Graphene Heating Mask

The water vapor brought out by ordinary masks when breathing will eliminate static electricity, resulting in poor adsorption. The graphene mask utilizes the huge surface area of graphene to bypass the gas, realizes the direct adsorption of particulate matter, and greatly improves the performance of the graphene mask. Durability. Graphene masks are a better choice for sports, cycling, running, travel, school and daily use that require breathability. Stretchable, one size fits most men and women. High density polyester spandex blend, multi-layer micro-layer non-woven fabrics to form thickness. Lab Tested Protection | Polyurethane is not like cotton fabrics. Mask Design | Waterproof | Washable | Breathable | Wrinkle Resistant | Seamless Needle |

 Heating Mask  Heating Mask  Heating Mask

The soft and lightweight sports mask has a 3D arc structure in the middle (nose part) to increase ventilation space, and the elastic adjustable ear loops help fit most face shapes. Ideal for Everyday Use – Outdoor/Indoor Activities, Pollen Resistant, Less Fog, Ash/Dustproof. A decent gift for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthdays and more. Reusable adjustable mask.

 Heating Mask  Heating Mask  Heating Mask

Post time: Sep-12-2022