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Classification of gifts

In our life and work, we will encounter all kinds of gifts. Among friends, family members and business activities, we will encounter many gifts. Today we will talk about the classification of gifts.

Composition by raw materials

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Crystal products, crystal glue products, plastic products, acrylic products, bamboo and wood products, plant textile products, metal products, gold and silver products, electronic products, ceramic products, wood carving crafts, birch bark crafts, wheat straw crafts, gardening crafts, leather Products, glass products, paper products, silk embroidery needles, textiles, down products, resin products, glass products.

According to consumer needs

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Furnishings, cultural and educational products, awards, advertising and promotional items, tourism products, clothing products, souvenirs, intellectual development products, health care products, business supplies, office supplies, household goods, religious supplies, ethnic specialties, holiday gifts, collections Products, employee welfare gifts, customized gifts.

In summary, the two classification methods mentioned above are from the perspective of the composition and functional purpose of gifts, and are collected according to the methods that people are used to. These two methods of classification can not only allow gift consumers to deepen their understanding of gifts, but also help gift manufacturers to display gifts and consumers to collect and store gifts.  

The second classification method can also allow gift manufacturers to design and manufacture perfect and exquisite gifts according to different consumer groups, so as to meet the needs of various consumer groups.

According to the meaning of the gift

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Ornamental gifts, appreciation gifts, value gifts, emotional gifts, connotative gifts.

According to the nature of the gift

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Cultural gifts, commercial gifts, outdoor gifts.

Gift customization

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Gift customization is to choose the gift template you need, then choose the gift material, and set a certain pattern and text to turn your personalized creativity into a unique gift making method! Also known as gift DIY, DIY is the abbreviation of do it yourself, which means that you can print your favorite items on customizable gifts (such as mugs, pillows, T-shirts, mouse pads, gift books, crystals, etc.) for users Patterns and text. Users only need to select the gift, upload their own photos or add text, and confirm the order. At present, some websites can make gift renderings designed by users into personalized finished products, and deliver them to designated locations according to user requirements. New online shopping activities.

Post time: Mar-18-2021