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Graphene Heating Eye Mask Sleep Eye Mask

With the rapid pace of the new era, a good night’s sleep is out of reach for us. Dark circles under the eyes and haggard faces recalled us how much we longed for healthy growth. It's really hard to sleep well now. There are always thorny factors that make us sleep well, such as the sunlight from our eyes, the noise of cars on the road, the noise of neighbors, repetitive clocks, etc., which make us sleep well. For example, sleep mask, sleep earplugs, white noise, sleep aromatherapy, our stories before bedtime, etc., and began to create Innovative Electronic Products about sleep aid. Our company is good at gift development. This New Product Ideas about Christmas Gift Ideas is a customized gift developed by our company's R&D team. Graphene eye mask is the most popular product on Amazon. You can Give Away Gifts For Business. The graphene mask is made of silk, an environmentally friendly material, and has a good shading effect, so you don’t need to worry about being too dazzling to sleep. The heating mask is an Heating Accessories innovative gift. Its shape product design is according to human eyes, and the silk material is softer and more suitable for human eyes. The graphene coating graphene heating sheet is charged by a USB power bank to generate heat from the heating sheet to achieve the effect of hot compress on the eye mask. It can relieve eyestrain, dry eyes, red eyes, and relax the whole body to make it easier to fall asleep. Sleeping goggles are Gift Box Packaging / Custom Gift Box that are easy to carry and can be used anytime and anywhere, whether at home or outside, on an airplane or on a bus. This sleep eye mask can be used on its own or on its own. This eye mask can be used as a new creative gift, luxury gift, business gift, Christmas gift It can also be a Birther Day Gift for yourself, to enjoy a comfortable beauty sleep. Both are very considerate choices.are very intimate choice. If you read this article, please forward it to your sleep-deprived friends, I hope everyone can get a good night's sleep!


Post time: Nov-24-2021