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Our company newly added high frequency fuse equipment


Our company newly added high frequency fuse equipment

Due to order requirements, our company recently added a high-frequency fuse device. The leather products that this device can produce include: wallets, passport bags, belts, leather gifts, leather suits and other small leather goods, briefcases, briefcases, travel bags, handbags , Computer bags, etc., notepads, universal manuals, business diaries, efficiency manuals, address books, manager folders, leather holsters, imitation leather holsters, product holsters (leather boxes), digital product holsters, electronic product holsters , Holsters for communication products, etc.

The fuse type leather case hot press is also known as the “high frequency fuse machine” 1. The machine contains two sliding table positions. The operator only needs to put in the product, press the sliding table forward button, and the head will automatically drop, heat and rise. The sliding table exits to complete all the simple operation processes. The staff can use the machine without special training; the output force adjustment: The output force can be adjusted at any time due to the size of the mold and the thickness of the rubber material, so that the operation of the high frequency machine It does not interfere with telecommunications. The output adjustment can also be matched with the time system, which can fuse the product in the shortest time at the maximum output and increase production; protection device: current limiting protection: when the output force is adjusted too large, it will cut off the high cycle The output can protect the electronic tube in the machine from damage due to excessive current; 2. Two push plates and two working positions of the mobile phone holster machine, the operator only needs to put in the product, push the push plate to trigger the micro switch, and the mold is Automatically descend, heating up, the whole process is simple and safe, the staff can use this machine without special training.


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Post time: Aug-06-2021