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About Us

Dongguan Sheerfond New Material Co.,Ltd focuses on the development and production of new products. The main products are graphene materials and application products, office and home products, and gifts. Our aim is "technology for life". Our advantages:

  • 1. Professional product development capabilities: from material development, appearance design, mechanism design, mold development, one-stop product design and development, turn your ideas into good products and realize your dreams.
  • 2. Strong production capacity:the monthly production capacity reaches 100 milion units.
  • 3. Strict quality control: from the establishment of testing standards, incoming material inspection, production process control, and outbound inspection, 100% inspection is achieved to ensure that every product received by the customer is a qualified product. 

4. Satisfying customer service, customer needs are our needs, good customer service is our responsibility, whether it is product development, product quality, orders and other issues, please tell us the first time, we will always work to reach you Satisfaction. 5. Cost-effective price, we are a factory, we only need reasonable profit, let our products have more price advantages in the market, sell more, my partners and I will be more successful. 

Faced with many business partners, how do we choose? We must choose business partners who are constantly innovating, making progress, and constantly bringing new products and services to customers, so that we can progress and develop together. looking forward to your information.

There are 3 modes of cooperation:

1. Customers put forward requirements, good ideas, we will create good products.
2. Customers customize existing products and customize products that have been mass-produced to quickly meet customer needs.
3. You need to find a regional partner. I hope you can work with us in the area you choose, to make the market bigger and farther, and to protect the selected area. You are our only choice.