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Electric Heating Eye Mask USB Heating Silk Mask Far-Infrared Sleep Mask

Short Description:

Product name Wireless Charger Pen Holder Feature  1 Washable
Material 1 Silk Feature  2 Far-infrared
Material 1 Cotton Feature  3 Hot comepress
Type Graphene heating mask Advantage Adjustable

Product Detail


This is a graphene heating eye mask. This product is mainly to relieve eye fatigue and promote blood circulation. The heating uses graphene materials. When the graphene materials are heated, they can release far-infrared waves, which can promote human blood. Circulation, relieve eye fatigue.

This product uses graphene coating heaters, which are the core heating accessories, produced by our company, and our company has a new graphene material research and development team that has changed business. The graphene powder produced by ourselv03 04es is made into graphene sheet through our patented technology, and then the graphene sheet is printed on the PI substrate, and electrodes are made on both ends of the graphene heating coating.

When you are in the office or at home, need a lunch break, or relax your eyes, you can choose this product to promote blood circulation through hot compresses, which can quickly relieve eye fatigue.

It needs a 5V2A charger or power bank to power it, which is easy to use.

This product has three gears, the temperature is 30℃, 37℃ and 42℃, you can choose the gear according to your needs.

When washing the eye mask, remove the heating element from the eye mask to protect the heating element from damage

The product has a long service life and can work continuously for 5000 hours.

The product is new creative gift and cheap, and are more suitable for promotional gifts, business gifts, gifts between family and friends, such as gifts for Mother’s Day,christmas gift

The main parameters:

Model No. YZ-01
Input 5V1A
 Rated power 4.5W
 Heating temperature Gr30℃/37℃/42℃
Usage Scenarios Pr New Business Giveaways, Birthday gifts, father’s day, mother’s day, Thanksgiving gifts 
Material ,silk
Brand Sheerfond
Logo Printing:  Customized Logo 
Design Customized Printing Designs
Colour custom
Product Size 220mm*100mm*10mm
product weight 25g
Package dimensions 225mm*105*24mm
Cartoon box size


Quantity per item


Weight per box 10kg

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