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24 Best Wireless Chargers (2023): Chargers, Stands, iPhone Docks & More

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        Wireless charging is not as cool as it seems. It’s not completely wireless – a wire runs from the outlet to the charging pad – and it won’t charge your phone any faster than if you plugged it in with a good wire. However, I am always disappointed when I test smartphones that do not support it. I’m so used to just leaving my phone on the mat every night that finding cables in the dark seems like a chore. Pure convenience above all else.
        After testing over 80 products over the past few years, we’ve sorted the good from the bad (there definitely are) and settled on the best wireless chargers. With a huge variety of styles, shapes, and building materials, you have plenty to choose from, including stands, stands, wireless battery packs, and models that can even be used as headphone stands.
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       Update March 2023: We’ve added the 8BitDo Charger, 3-in-1 OtterBox, and Peak Design Air Vent Mount.
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        Under each slide, you will see “iPhone and Android Compatibility”, which means that the charger’s standard charging speed is 7.5W for iPhone or 10W for Android phones (including Samsung Galaxy phones). If it charges faster or slower, we’ll point it out. We have tested on several devices, but there is always a chance that your phone is charging slowly or not working because the case is too thick or the charging coil does not fit the charger.
        I love when wireless chargers aren’t just boring docks. This is something to keep at home – at least it should look good! That’s why I love Twelve South’s PowerPic Mod. The charger itself is built into transparent acrylic. What makes it special is that you can add a 4 x 6 photo or your own image of your choice to the charging box and use the transparent magnetic cover to keep the image safe. Plug the charger into the docking station, plug in the USB-C cable, and you’re done. You now have a wireless charger that can be used as a photo frame when not in use. Don’t forget to print your photos (and provide your own 20W power adapter).
        This little charger from Nomad matches our best looks. I love the soft black leather surface, which looks elegant when paired with the aluminum body. It’s also heavy so it won’t slide around the table. (Rubber feet help.) The LED is unobtrusive, and if there’s little light in the room, it dims. There is a USB-C to USB-C cable in the box that you can connect directly to your Android phone if you need faster charging. However, there is no power adapter, and you will need a 30W adapter to reach 15W on your Android phone.
        If you have an iPhone 14, iPhone 13, or iPhone 12, you’ll be happy to hear that magnets are built into this mat. This helps the MagSafe-equipped iPhone stay in place, so you won’t wake up from a dead phone with a slight shift.
        The Anker mat and stand prove you don’t have to spend a lot on wireless charging. They are all made of plastic with a rubber coating on the bottom to prevent slipping and slipping, but not too grippy. While charging, the tiny LED light will turn blue and then flash to indicate a problem. We prefer coasters to notepads because you can easily see your phone’s notifications, but Anker notepads are so cheap that you can pick up a few scattered around the house. Both come with a 4-foot microUSB cable, but you’ll need to use your own power adapter. At this price, this is not surprising. Best of all, they will charge your phone just like the other options in our guide.
        The Apple iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and iPhone 14 have magnets so you can place MagSafe accessories on the back, like this MagSafe wireless charger. Because the charger stays attached magnetically, you don’t have to worry about accidentally dislodging it and waking up with a dead device. Plus, it charges your iPhone faster than any other wireless system because the coils are perfectly aligned and the magnets allow you to keep using your phone while charging. (This is difficult with most wireless chargers.)
        Unfortunately, the cable isn’t very long, and the puck itself is useless unless you’re using a MagSafe compatible case. There is no charging adapter. We’ve tested and recommended several other MagSafe wireless chargers in our best guide to MagSafe accessories if you need to check out more options.
        No more fiddling with cables, even in the car. This universal car mount from iOttie comes in two types: a suction cup for the dashboard/windshield and a CD/vent mount that snaps into place. Adjust the height of the legs so that your phone is always in the best charging position. When your phone pulls the trigger on the back of the mount, the bracket automatically closes, allowing you to place the device with one hand. (The release lever slides out on both sides so you can take the phone out again.) The mount has a microUSB port that connects to the included cable; just plug the other end into your car’s electrical outlet. It conveniently includes a second USB-A port that you can use to charge another phone. Read our guide to the best car phone mounts and chargers for more recommendations.
        ★ Alternatives to MagSafe: Is there an iPhone with MagSafe? The iOttie Velox Wireless Charging Car Mount ($50) is a minimalist option that slots into an air vent and has powerful magnets that hold your iPhone securely in place. We also really like Peak Design’s MagSafe Vent Mount ($100), which stays securely in place and comes with a USB-C cable.
        The silicone surface of this wireless charger is prone to picking up dust and lint, but if you’re buying the most eco-friendly chargers out there, this may not matter to you. It’s made from recycled silicone and its texture prevents your phone from slipping off surfaces. The rest is made from recycled plastics and alloys, and even the packaging is plastic-free. Even better, if you have an iPhone 12, iPhone 13, or iPhone 14, the magnets inside the Apollo will perfectly align your iPhone for more efficient charging, even if they aren’t as strong as regular MagSafe wireless chargers. Includes 20W charging adapter and cable.
        You probably don’t want too many LEDs on your face while you sleep. When you place your phone on it, the LEDs on the Pixel’s second generation stand will light up briefly and then quickly fade away so as not to disturb you. This charger is best used with Google Pixel smartphones as it offers additional benefits such as turning your Pixel into a sunrise alarm that will glow orange on the screen, simulating sunrise just before the alarm goes off. You can also turn your phone into a digital photo frame with a Google Photos album on the screen and activate sleep mode, which turns on Do Not Disturb mode and dims the screen to help you put your phone down. Built-in fan keeps your device cool during fast charging; you can hear it in a quiet room, but you can turn off the fan in Pixel settings to keep things quiet. It comes with cables and adapters.
        The charger will still work with other smartphones, you just won’t be able to use many Pixel features on them. The biggest downside? Charging only works in portrait orientation. Oh, it’s definitely overrated. The good news is that the first generation Pixel Stand costs a lot less, you can charge your phone in both landscape and portrait orientations, and dare I say it looks more interesting.
       Compatible with iPhone, fast charging 23W (Pixel 6 Pro), 21W (Pixel 6 and 7) and 15W for Android phones.
        Ah, the Holy Trinity of Apples. If you have an iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods (or, frankly, any headphones with a wireless charging case), you’ll love this Belkin T-stand. It’s a MagSafe charger, so it will magnetically lift your iPhone 12, iPhone 13, or iPhone 14 like it’s floating in the air (and charge it at a top speed of 15W). The Apple Watch sticks to its little puck and you charge your earbuds on the dock. wonderful. Belkin has a stand version if you prefer, but it takes up more space and isn’t as interesting as wood (what I call a stand). Explore other options in our guide to the best Apple 3-in-1 wireless chargers.
        ★ Cheaper 3-in-1 MagSafe Charger: I’m very happy with the Monoprice MagSafe 3-in-1 Stand ($40). It seems cheap, but the MagSafe charger works with MagSafe iPhones, and the dock charged my AirPods Pro without a problem. You must provide your own Apple Watch charger and install it in the designated area, which is very simple. It’s hard to complain given the price, though you’ll probably have to wait for it to re-launch.
        Don’t have an iPhone MagSafe? This dock will do the same job as the aforementioned Belkin for any iPhone model (although there will be no fast charging). The Apple Watch’s vertical magnetic puck means your watch can use night mode (essentially a digital clock), while the center stand lets you hold your iPhone vertically or horizontally. I like the notches on the earphone cases, they don’t slide off easily. All clothes are beautifully finished with fabric.
        Wireless chargers are usually plastic and rarely blend in with the environment, but Kerf chargers are covered with 100% locally sourced real wood. Choose from 15 wood finishes, from walnut to canary wood, each with a cork base to prevent slipping. These chargers, starting at $50, can get expensive if you opt for rarer woods. You can choose engraving. You get a cable and power supply ($20 extra) as an option, and if you already have them, this is a great way to prevent e-waste.
        A wireless charger should look good. You shouldn’t settle for less! This Courant Dual Charger exudes luxury with Belgian linen finishes, especially the camel color. For two years, I’ve been using it at my front door to charge my partner’s and my partner’s matching wireless headphones. The rubber feet keep it from moving, but even with five coils in this pad, you have to be careful when placing the device to charge and make sure the LED lights up for a double check. It comes with a matching color USB-C cable.
        The dual charging system looks nice – I love the fabric-covered stand – and you can charge another device on the rubber charging pad next to it. The stand can be used in portrait or landscape orientation, but in the latter orientation it blocks the mat. I like to use the earbuds to charge my wireless headphones, but I wouldn’t use this iOttie on my nightstand because the LEDs on the front would be too harsh. Comes with cables and adapters at a great price.
        I am always looking for ways to reduce the amount of stuff on my desk. That’s exactly what this product from Monoprice does. This is a compact solution that combines an LED aluminum table lamp and a wireless charger. The LEDs are very bright and you can change the color temperature or brightness using the touch controls on the base. The light can be adjusted vertically, but I wish the base was a little heavier because it moves when you adjust your hand.
        The dock doubles as a wireless charger, and I had no issues charging my iPhone 14, Pixel 6 Pro, and Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. There’s even a USB-A port so you can plug in and charge another device at the same time.
        This wireless charger (8/10, WIRED recommends) is one of the few products on this list that has blown me away. You stick it to the bottom of your desk (avoid the metal ones) and it will charge your phone through it! It’s a true invisible wireless charging system that’s especially handy if you’re short on desktop space.
        Installation requires some work and your desk needs to be the right thickness: too thin and you shouldn’t use this charger as it can overheat your phone; too thick and it won’t be able to transfer enough power. It also means you’ll have a (clear) label on your desk telling you where to put your phone, but that’s a small price to pay for the space saved. Please note that if you change your phone, you may need to recalibrate and apply a new sticker.
       Standard iPhone charging speed, 5W slow charging for Android phones, 9W normal charging speed for Samsung phones
        If you have a Samsung Galaxy Watch5, Watch4, Galaxy Watch3, Active2, or Active, this is a great triple wireless charger. You put your watch on a round drop; I’ve used them near my front door for a few months and they’ve charged my Watch4 (and older Watch3) with no problem.
        The Trio is attractive, has an LED light that lights up quickly, and comes with a 25W wall charger and a USB cable. My partner and I usually keep a case of wireless earbuds next to our watch. I didn’t have to be precise – the six coils inside give you flexibility in where to place them. If you just need space for a charger for your watch and other devices, it’s available in the Duo version, or you can opt for the standard pad. Please note that it only supports the models listed above. Some customer reviews mention that it doesn’t work with previous Galaxy watches.
       Compatible with iPhone, 5W slow charge for Android phones, 9W fast charge for Samsung phones
        Do you want to equip your installation for working from home? Save space and use the headphone cradle, which also provides wireless phone charging. Made from your choice of solid walnut or oak, the Oakywood 2-in-1 base looks beautiful. Put your phone on it and it will charge just like any other charger on this list. A steel stand is a great place to hang your jars when you’re done with your day’s work. If you don’t like the stand but like the look of the charger, the company only sells a stand-only version.
        ★ Another option: Satechi 2-in-1 Headphone Stand with Wireless Charger ($80) is a shiny, sleek and durable headphone stand with Qi wireless charging stand for your iPhone or AirPods. It has magnets inside so it’s perfect for anyone with an Apple MagSafe product. There is also a USB-C port for charging a second device.
        Einova Charging Stones are made from 100% solid marble or stone – you can choose from a variety. Every choice in this guide looks a lot like a wireless charger, but I’ve had visiting friends asking if it’s a drink holder. (I still don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.) It doesn’t have LEDs and is perfect for bedrooms; just try to hide the cables so they really blend in with your home. We recommend keeping your phone in a case when using this charger as hard surfaces can scratch the back of your phone.
        There is a trend to add RGB LEDs to every component when building a gaming PC. You can then customize all of the glittery lights to any color imaginable, or just stick with the spinning rainbow unicorn puke. Whatever you choose, this wireless charger will be a natural addition to your battle station. It has a nice soft feel (although it picks up dirt and lint quite easily). But the best part is the LED ring around the base. Install the Razer Chroma software and you can customize patterns and colors and sync them with any of your other Razer Chroma peripherals to enjoy RGB in all its glory.
        One of the weirdest gadgets I’ve tested, the 8BitDo N30 Wireless Charger is an adorable desktop toy for Nintendo fans. 8BitDo makes some of our favorite gaming and mobile controllers, so it’s no surprise that this charger is reminiscent of the iconic NES gamepad. (It will even display Konami codes.) I didn’t expect the wheels and headlights to light up when you put your phone on it to charge. The headlight means it’s not good for a bedside table, but if you like fidgeting, it makes for a cute desk toy that wobbles back and forth at will.
        It looks and feels cheap (and it is), but it can charge an Android phone with up to 15W if you use the right wall charger. There is a cable in the box. I found it difficult to charge through the thick case. It’s easy to lose your phone while playing with it, but for the Nintendo fan in your life, this could be a great gift.
        Finding an outlet to charge your charger and phone can be tricky when you’re out and about. Use a battery instead! Better yet, use one that supports wireless charging. This new 10,000mAh model from Satechi has enough power to charge your phone more than once, but it has a few extra tricks. You can flip the wireless charger upside down and use it as a stand as it will charge your phone – I’ve tested it with the Pixel 7, Galaxy S22 Ultra and iPhone 14 Pro and they all charge, although not as fast. Behind the stand there is a place to charge the case of wireless headphones (if it supports it), and a third device can be connected via the USB-C port. There are LED indicators on the back that show you how much battery power is left in the battery pack.
        ★ For MagSafe iPhone Users: The Anker 622 Magnetic Portable Wireless Charger ($60) attaches magnetically to the back of your MagSafe iPhone and has a built-in stand so you can put your phone anywhere. It has a capacity of 5000 mAh, so it should fully charge your iPhone at least once.
        These Anker products are some of my favorite iPhone wireless chargers right now. The back of the spherical MagGo 637 has multiple USB-C and USB-A ports, as well as an AC outlet that doubles as a power strip and MagSafe wireless charger for any iPhone that supports this feature. MagGo 623 can magnetically hold and charge your iPhone at an angle on your desk, and the round base behind the slanted top can also charge wireless headphones at the same time.
        But my favorite is the MagGo 633, a charging stand that doubles as a portable battery. Simply slide out the battery to take it with you (it attaches to your MagSafe iPhone with a magnet) and reconnect it when you get home. While the Power Bank is charging, you can use it to charge your iPhone. smart. The base can also charge wireless headphones.
        This modular system from RapidX is ideal for couples or families as it is compact and can wirelessly charge two phones up to 10W each. The beauty is that you can add or remove modules, and one charging cable can power up to five modules. The capsules snap on with magnets and zip up for easy packing. There’s also an optional phone case ($30) and a version with a phone case and an Apple Watch case ($80). There’s only a 30-watt US power adapter and a 5-foot USB-C cable in the box, so you’ll need a more powerful adapter if you plan on adding modules. (RapidX recommends 65W or more for three or more devices.)
        ★ MagSafe alternative: If you travel a lot and have an iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch with MagSafe, this tool is a must. The Mophie 3-in-1 Travel Charger ($150) folds up and comes with a carrying case (including cables and adapters) so you don’t have to lug around a bunch of wires on the road. It’s compact and ran smoothly in my tests.
        It might be better than our guide to the best smartwatches, but the Apple Watch’s Achilles’ heel is battery life. This Apple Watch Smart Wireless Charger is a tiny USB-A cradle that plugs into a spare port on your favorite bedside charger, charging hub, or even portable battery. It has a brushed aluminum finish, fits any Apple Watch, and folds for easy portability. I like the compact design because it fits easily in a bag or pocket and helps me out on those days when I forget to charge my Apple Watch the night before.
        Despite the high price, Moshi offers a 10-year warranty. If you’re looking for a new product that can charge your iPhone or AirPods, check out our three-in-one product recommendations above. It’s currently out of stock, so stay tuned for it when it arrives.
        An unobtrusive addition to any desktop, MacMate offers a Qi wireless charging pad (up to 10W) ​​and two USB-C ports that support power delivery (up to 60W and 20W, respectively). Designed for users of an Apple MacBook Air or MacBook Pro with a USB-C charger, it allows you to connect the power bank to your MacMate and charge multiple devices, not just your laptop. Choose the MacMate Pro ($110) and you’ll also get one of our favorite travel adapters, which provides enough power to charge three devices with your MacMate and five more with the travel adapter.
        There are many wireless chargers out there. Here are a few more that we like but don’t require a place above for some reason.
        Not all phones support wireless charging, but most brands have models that do, so check yours first. What you usually see is “Qi wireless charging” (default standard) or “wireless charging” if you have it.

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