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Best Wireless Phone Chargers for iPhone and Android in 2023

       Reduce the cables in your life and make charging your phone easier with this handy wireless charger.
        Tired of frayed cables and unreliable connections? Maybe it’s time to up your game and buy a wireless charger. Convenient charging cradles allow you to charge your phone without fiddling with cables, and some can also charge iPhones and Android devices so all your family members can benefit.
        Wireless chargers come in all shapes, colors and sizes, and some boast a range of advanced charging features and trendy stands. So, whether you want a big, versatile gadget that can clear your credit cards while charging, or a simple device that fits in your bag, we’ve got you and your wireless charging needs covered.
        If you are looking for a device that is both a beautiful desktop accessory and a useful charger, this is the device for you. The rose design is very charming and stands out from the usual black and white designs. It works with all wireless-enabled QI devices including Google Pixel 6, Samsung Galaxy S21+ and iPhone SE. Although it’s a bit more expensive than a regular charger, the fact that it works with many phone models makes it a useful technology.
        We’re also fans of the standing feature, which comes in handy for facial recognition and video calls. You can charge it in portrait or landscape mode which is another nice touch. The charger should work with most cases, so you won’t need to remove your phone’s fancy exterior before charging.
        It is a simple and stylish design and you can easily put it in your bag if you want to use it at home and office. This is a 10W fast charger for QI enabled devices such as LG, Sony and Samsung. There is an LED charging status indicator that tells you if your phone is charging or is having trouble charging due to an obstruction, so you can quickly reposition your phone if needed. Available in white and black, this is a solid and affordable option if you want a simple, no-frills option.
        We are now entering the multifunctional realm. This is for loyal Apple users as you can charge your iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods at the same time. This is a very stylish and functional bedside accessory. With just one overnight charge, all your devices will be ready for a new day when you wake up. simple.
        This ingenious device has a dual design that charges and cleans at the same time. You can disinfect items such as credit cards, jewelry, keys, or another phone while the phone is charging. The box contains UV light that kills up to 99.99% of germs. Simply place contaminated items in the box, then press the button to choose between a 3-minute quick clean or a 10-minute deep clean. This is a useful way to clean important gadgets and things without getting them wet.
        If you need more power, just put your phone or other QI-enabled device (such as wireless headphones) on the case. It is compatible with a range of QI-enabled smartphones, including Apple, Samsung and Google phones, so every member of the family can enjoy a fully charged sterile device.
        Here’s another option for Apple fans, especially fans of Apple’s MagSafe technology. If you have an iPhone 12 or newer, it should contain a special magnetic ring that makes it MagSafe. This means you can enjoy eye-catching and colorful accessories like cases and leather wallets that simply snap onto your phone. This charger allows you to charge your MagSafe phone even through a MagSafe case, so you can enjoy fast charging.
        If you want to keep your headphones tangle-free and whole, this 2-in-1 headphone stand and charger is a great option. The wooden base doubles as a 15W wireless charger, and you can choose between light oak or dark walnut. All you have to do is place your phone on the mount. It works with all QI-enabled devices, so Huawei, Sony and Google users are welcome.
        Cordless phone chargers have revolutionized the way we charge our phones. They offer convenience, flexibility and speed, making them a great investment for those looking to streamline their charging experience.
        With these chargers, you can say goodbye to messy wires and cables and enjoy the freedom of wireless charging. If you’re looking for something more comfortable, why not check out our roundup of the best iPhone accessories for 2023?
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Post time: Apr-25-2023