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Introduction Of A Safe Voltage Electric Heating Blanket

The coldest winter weather is coming soon, are you ready to deal with it? You might say that I prepared heating jacket, heating socks, heating scarves, heating mask, etc. All these can only keep you warm when you are awake. What should I do when you sleep? The electronic heating blanket seems to be very necessary at this time. This graphene coating heating accessory electric blanket is a new innovative gift, luxury gift, promotional gift, and business gift developed by our company's R&D team about Christmas gift ideas. The electric blanket uses graphene environmentally friendly degradable materials/graphene sheet, which are very safe electronic accessories. The product design of the electric blanket is that the surface velvet material is softer, and the geometric pattern is very fashionable, which is in line with the decoration of most families. The bottom surface is made of non-slip material. Such an industrial design electric blanket fits well on a bed or sofa, and it is not easy to move or fall to the ground. Of course, if you don’t like this design, we provide custom gift development services, such as custom design, custom logo, custom packaging, custom gift box & gift box packaging, etc., and you can freely customize the style you want. The electric blanket is charged with a safe voltage of 36V, and it starts to generate heat 3 minutes after charging. Charge the electric blanket before going to bed. When you finish washing, you can sleep on the heated electric blanket and enter a sweet dream. The electric blanket is a home office product with far-infrared function, which can promote blood circulation and improve joint pain. When you come home with exhaustion, lying on such an electric blanket can relieve the fatigue of the day. Electric heating blanket heating pad can also be used as pet heating pad. Not only do people feel cold in winter, but pets are also the same. Prepare a pet pad for pets. This heating pet pad is perfect. Such an electric blanket that can be used by both people and pets is the best Give Away Gifts For Business Christmas gifts, luxury gift, and electronic gift.


Post time: Nov-29-2021