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RGB Wireless Charging Mouse Pad 10W Wireless Charger Large Gaming Mouse Pad

Short Description:

The RGB Wireless Charging Mouse pad is composed of a wireless charging part, a rubber mouse pad part, and an RGB light bar part.The wireless charging part is made of PU leather material, and 10W wireless charging is fast charging.The rubber mouse pad is made of natural rubber with a smooth surface. The bottom surface is made of non-slip material, which is firmly attached to the table and is not easy to move and slip off.The RGB light bar surrounds the mouse pad with 7 lighting effects. Press the button on the wireless charging part to freely adjust the color you want.

Product Detail


RGB LED gaming mouse pad or gaming mouse pad, the color is very rich, this is simply the game light display.


In addition, this mouse pad uses a resin fiber double-sided design, which means it can be used on soft surfaces as well as smooth and hard surfaces to meet the needs of all players.


The base of the mouse pad is made of rubber, which is very stable and will not slide regardless of force. This is undoubtedly a very good experience for gamers.


In terms of function, it is really versatile, not only supports RGB lights; it also supports Qi wireless charging standard, mouse and mobile phones can be charged, fast charging and fast charging; it is Iphone 12 wireless charger, mobile phone accessories, wireless charger Apple , Iphone 12 charger, Iphone charger, Iphone accessories, electronic accessories.
In addition, it also uses a dual-material design, and the combined surface of soft and hard allows players to switch at any time. In terms of practical functions, it is basically the most versatile RGB mouse pad on the market. It is also a gift, such as promotional gifts, gifts, Christmas gifts, etc.
Don’t worry about the price, because we are a manufacturer of mouse pads and electronic products. We have high-quality, low-cost raw material suppliers. We can guarantee that the performance of the product is better and the material is more environmentally friendly. We can customize the logo. Tell us what you think, we will give you a perfect solution and product, look forward to your inquiry, our industrial design and good products will serve you.



1.10W wireless charging,10W wireless charging for fast charging.

2.RGB,7 colors can be adjusted freely.

3.Non-slip bottom,It fits firmly with the desktop and is not easy to move and fall.



Product name RGB Wireless Charging Mouse pad Style Large gaming mouse pad
Material 1 Rubber Feature  1 10W wireless charging
Material 2 PU Leather Feature  2 RGB
Type RGB gaming mouse pad Feature  3 Non-slip bottom

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