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Wireless charging mobile power wallet Power bank wallet Card Bag

Short Description:

Product name Wireless Charging Wallet  Feature  1 Wireless charging
Material 1 PU Leather Feature  2 Card bag
Type Men’s Leather Wallet Feature  3 Power bank
Style Power Wallet Closed type Zipper 

Product Detail

The product parameters are as follows:

Model No. QB001
Output 5V2A
Input 5V 2A
capacity 4000mAh/5000mAh/6000mAh
Wireless charging


Usage Scenarios

Pr New Business Giveaways, Birthday gifts, father's day, mother's day, Thanksgiving gifts


Material Cow leather
Brand Sheerfond
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Product Size


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Package Size


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Quick Details


Multifunctional wallet, the main functions are:

1. Wallet function: This is a leather wallet, high-end atmosphere, high-grade, environmentally friendly, good feel, durable, good for personal use and gifts.

2. Power bank function: Built-in 5000mAh wireless charging (maximum 8000mAh), you can charge the phone when the phone is out of power.

3. Wireless charger: You can charge your mobile phone immediately after putting it in your wallet, and you can charge your mobile phone without a charging cable.

4. Mobile phone holder function: open the zipper, the wallet can be used as a mobile phone holder, you can release your hands by watching the video.

Application scenarios:

     1. In outdoor activities, wallets, mobile phones, cards, these are essential things, there is such a product, it is a wallet, you can put your mobile phone in it, it can also charge your mobile phone, with its own wireless charger And wired charging, built-in 5000mAh power bank, there are many card pockets in the wallet, isn't it great? Never worry about running out of battery.

  2. In the coffee shop, open the wallet, put the phone on the phone holder, you can Charge the phone while watching the video.

5. Mobile phone bag function, put the mobile phone in the wallet, and charge the mobile phone while protecting it.

6. Card package function, there are multiple card slots in the wallet, which can store many cards, such as business cards, bank cards, etc.

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