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Wireless Charging Calendar Small Desk Calendar Office Desk Calendar

Short Description:

Product name Wireless charging calendar Feature  1 LED logo
Material 1 PU Leather Feature  2 Custom logo
Type Small Desk Calendar Feature  3 A stand
Style Office desk calendar Useage Office

Product Detail

The product parameters are as follows:

Model No. TL02
LED Colour RGB
Input 9V1.5A/5V2A
capacity 4000mAh/5000mAh/6000mAh
Wireless charging


Usage Scenarios

Pr New Business Giveaways, Birthday gifts, father's day, mother's day, Thanksgiving gifts


Material PU,ABS,PC
Brand Sheerfond
Logo Printing: 

Customized Logo



Customized Printing Designs



Product Size


product weight


Package Size


Cartoon box size






The introduction is as follows:

1. This is a new creative product. It is not only a desk calendar, but also a mobile phone holder and 10W fast charging wireless charger. It also has a light-emitting advertising board. Its creativity will surprise you and your friends.

2. It is of very good quality. Its main body is ABS plastic, not paper, which is durable, not deformed, and not afraid of water. The plastic is laminated with environmentally friendly PU leather to make the product look more high-end.

A creative desk calendar

It is a high-quality desk calendar, it also has a mobile phone wireless charging function and a mobile phone holder function, as well as a light-emitting screen. It is a very innovative product. We have also applied for a patent. 

3. Increase the exposure of the brand. When the product is placed on the desktop, the color screen keeps changing the color, so that your friends can see your logo and everyone can remember your logo, which is very suitable for brand promotion.

4. It is a good gift to give to friends or customers, let them feel surprised, keep flashing your logo or the content you want to express on the desktop, so that the person who receives the gift and the people around him can Seeing it every day, always remembering you, a great gift.

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