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Fast Charger Block USB Wall Charging Adapter USB Charger Adapter 

Short Description:

Product name USB Charger Adapter Feature  1 Custom logo
Material 1 ABS Feature  2 Single Port
Type Power Adapter Feature  3 LED
Style Charger Block Useage Charger

Product Detail

Product parameter

Model No. X-2
Output 5V 2A
Input AC90-240V
LED  Colour White
Printing Techniques for Graphics

Gr Letterpress printing, UV printing


Usage Scenarios

promotional Activities, Training and Team Building, Welcome Gifts, Back to School / Graduation, New Business Giveaways, Tradeshow Giveaways, "Thank You" Gifts, Other Activities


Material ABS,PC
Brand Sheerfond
Logo Printing: 

Customized Logo



Customized Printing Designs



Product Size


product weight


Package Size


Cartoon box size






The characteristics of the product are as follows:

1. It is small in size, can be hung on the adapter of the keychain, can be hung on the bag, on the keychain, especially convenient to carry, not easy to forget.

2. The product is beautiful and the structure is like a car key. The appearance is smooth and shiny.

3. The product is equipped with a light-emitting display, the logo will light up when working.

4. The luminous logo can be used as a night light.

This product is especially suitable for business promotional gifts for the following 

Quick Details

The adapter is large in size, not suitable for carrying out, and not suitable for carrying when traveling. We have developed a creative adapter that is small in size, beautiful in appearance, and convenient to carry. It also has the function of a night light and a luminous logo, which is especially suitable for business promotional gifts.


1. This product is a creative product, unique in the world. Customers seeing this product will make him very curious and surprised, and will leave a good impression on the customer.

2. Highlight the brand, because in the process of use, the logo is luminous, so that you and your friends can see the above logo, so that everyone will remember it.

3. The product has a high exposure rate, and the adapter must be used every day to strengthen the memory every day.

4. The price of the product is low, and the merchant can afford it, and the product of about 3 US dollars is more suitable for promotional gifts.

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