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  • LED wireless charging mouse pad
  • Wireless pen holder
  • Wireless charging calendar

Wireless charging storage product series

  • Wireless pen holder

    Wireless pen holder

    Sitting in a tidy office, on your desk, there is an exquisite pen holder, which can store your office supplies, charge your mobile phone, and can be used as a stand for your mobile phone. It will also shine, making you want The content to be expressed shines in the office, and will change in different colors, so that friends around you will wait to pay attention to it, which is more enviable, does it make your work more happier, and enjoy the fun of life while working. Hurry up and recommend ...
  • Storage artifact

    Storage artifact

    This product is small in size, multi-functional, containing electronic accessories, with mobile phone bracket and wireless charging, flashlight and other functions, suitable for commercial promotional activities or Christmas gifts Main functions: 1.Wireless charging10W/7.5W/5W 2. Storage function, including all the charging wires in the market 3. Mobile phone holder 4. Lighting function Model No. SN001 LED Colour White Input 9V1.5A/5V2A Accessories IPone Cable,TYPE-C Cable,micro ca...